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  • Badmail/Mailroot Folder

    Just a general question for all of the experts out there-

    In Exchange 2003 'badmail' is deposited into the badmail folder or the mailroot folder depending on how you have your directories setup.

    The question is, with the w32.Sober thing going on- Can these bad emails, which are infected, and are stored in the badmail/mailroot folder execute their payload and send mail out?


    Are all of the emails in these folders safe to leave there?


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    Re: Badmail/Mailroot Folder

    SP1 turns off the badmail folder functinality, and you can turn it back on, and even set a maximum folder size.

    If you insist on not installing SP1 (why?) then I'd delete anything in that folder by using a simple batch file.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Badmail/Mailroot Folder

      Hello Daniel, I hope today finds you well.

      I have SP1 installed and also have my mail storage going to a different drive than what the Exch program is stored on, according to MS Best Practices this is what they want.

      Is there another setting I need to set to dis-allow bad mail?

      What is happening, and I can't figure it out, is that undeliverable mail (bad addresses,etc.) are ending up in the 'mailroot' folder. Many of these items are infected and when I try to delte them I get an error message stating that the item is in use by another program, please wait or terminate the program to proceed with the deletion.

      Of course I cannot find the 'other program' and I cannot delete. So I remove any access/security to the items. I believe after a couple of days, whatever is trying to use these items, loses them and then I can reset the security and then delete them.

      Pete in 5 degree F, Minneapolis MN, USA