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NDRs not sent to Admin Account for Internal to External Messages

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  • NDRs not sent to Admin Account for Internal to External Messages

    Previously when an internal user sends an email to somebody outside of my organization and a delivery problem occurs the sender of the email will receive an NDR as well as the admin account that I have configured to receive copies of NDR (Exchange System Manager > Administrative Groups > SERver > Protocols > SMTP > SMTP Virtual server properties > Messages Tab > "Send copy of Non-Delivery Report to").

    As of recently the Admin account is not receiving these NDR's and I cannot figure out what changed. Sending Internal to Internal will generate an NDR to both sender and Admin account (if a user mistypes an internal address) but if its Internal to External then only the sender receives the NDR.

    We are routing through a smart host but they state nothing has changed on their end in how they handle NDRs.

    The only thing I can think of that changed "around" the time this started happening was a Exchange 2010 Server was introduced into the environment. There is only one user on this Exchange 2010 server as we are still configuring it. All users are still on Exchange 2003. I don't see how its related but the timing is within a month of when this started happening so I am just throwing it out there.

    I am at a loss for why this started happening.

    Please note: I am not talking about sending NDRs to External domains.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: NDRs not sent to Admin Account for Internal to External Messages

    I was able to resolve my issue so I thought I would close this posting.

    Since I route through a smart host my Exchange server will never generate the NDR for internal to external failed messages. My Smart host handles the NDRs for that.

    The reason I could see some internal to external NDRs were because of how the sender of the email composed their email. The user included "mailto:" in the TO field of Outlook. Outlook sends to Exchange. Exchange see's the malformed entry and bounces email immediately. Since the Exchange server bounced the message it then also copies the NDR to my admin account. The Smart Host never sees this message.

    I could not see the MAILTO in the bounced NDR message but looking through message tracking logs I could see that indeed it was there.