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Intermittent Rejection of Emails

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  • Intermittent Rejection of Emails

    Exchange 2003 - has been working fine. About two weeks started to get random rejections and complaints from email recipients saying they were unable to email back. (several users on the network)

    Below is one of the notices we get

    < #5.5.0 smtp;554 Denied
    [] (Mode:

    Ran a check on the server using MXTools and a slew of others .
    All report that we are good, we do not appear on any of the published blacklists.

    However MXtools reported that my reverse DNS does not match my SMTP Banner. Have added a PTR record at my domain host site, but no joy.

    In running a reverse DNS lookup it points to my ISP (Verizon) Am in the process of of getting that changed there.

    Wanted to run this by a group of knowledgeable people because I cannot seem to find a direct answer to this issue.

    ***NEW SYMPTOMS: According to the users they are sending emails to people and they are simply not receiving them. No rejection notices, nothing. Checked the queues on the Exchange Server and there is nothing there everything has been sent. Does that provide additional information....

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    Re: Intermittent Rejection of Emails

    Have you got an SPF record with your Domain Host?


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      Re: Intermittent Rejection of Emails

      Just to be clear, is this inbound or outbound email?

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