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Not Receiving Email From One External Contact

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  • Not Receiving Email From One External Contact

    Hi all,

    I've got one user in our office that isn't receiving email from one external contact,

    I've gone through Outlook and cannot find any block/junk rules,

    I've recreated there Exchange 2003 AD account which has a completely new alias, but the emails are still not being received,

    Emails from this contact ARE being received by other people in the office.

    Any help would be appreciated!



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    Re: Not Receiving Email From One External Contact

    Try this: make sure the recipient does NOT have Outlook running. Then open Exchange System Manager and check the recipient's mailbox, while getting the sender to try again. If the mailbox shows activity, and Message Tracker shows you the new message is from the sender, then most likely it's Outlook throwing the emails away as spam, etc. Or there could be a rule defined aimed at that user's email to discard everything from him (a prank in the recipient's Outlook settings?)

    Since everyone else can receive messages from the same sender, it's not likely to be Exchange, so the recipient's Outlook is the next likely place to check.
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      Re: Not Receiving Email From One External Contact

      There was a tick box that can stop users from receiving external mail.

      Open ADUC, open the affected users AD account, click on Exchange General, then Delivery Restrictions.

      Check the settings in there with an account that is receiving email.


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        Re: Not Receiving Email From One External Contact

        to follow on from ricklesP's suggestion:

        Have you even looked at message tracking, to see if it's being received? this would definitely help you narrow down where the problem is.
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