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Can send but can't receive emails

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  • Can send but can't receive emails


    We have an Exchange Server - running on Windows Server 2003.
    Our ISP had some major issues over Christmas, and we had no connectivity for a few weeks.
    Now we are back up, and internet is fine.
    We can send and receive internal emails, and can send external emails, but we can't receive any external messages.
    I've been trying to troubleshoot this, and see lots of comments regarding MX record- but this is all way over my head.

    Can someone help me work through this??


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    Re: Can send but can't receive emails

    Run the inbound SMTP test on Microsoft's test site here:

    The problem will most likely be either wrong IP address, incorrect host name in the MX records or port 25 not open. You will probably end up shouting at your ISP.

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      Re: Can send but can't receive emails

      You need to check the mx records for your domain and verify that the ip address is correct for your internal server. I am assuming that mail from the internet is being routed right to your box. If your using postini or some other filtering service (which is recommended) then check to make sure that is configured correctly.

      You can check your mx records here:

      Under mx lookup type in your domain name (public domain name)

      Also like Sembee said, make sure you allowing port 25 inbound on your firewall.
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