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In mailbox folder size

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  • In mailbox folder size

    Hi, my first post here.
    I'm in need of assistance, my boss had a crazy idea to give out a report about every mailboxes in the organization "deleted items" size.

    Now except opening each mailbox and writing down manually each deleted items folder size in a Excell sheet I don't come up with any automated solution

    I'm no wiz in scripting nor exchange guru, but this article doesn't gives me the desired result:

    If any one has a solution for me I'll be grateful.

    i have: Exchange 2003 SP2 Enterprise, about 150 mailboxes over multiple storages.


    Well I feel silly now but for my specific request the solution was built-in in the ESM, there's the option to add "Deleted Items (KB)" column, now I only need to export the list and import into a sheet.
    But still would be great to have a tool for the admins to map large user folders instead of connecting individually and opening folder size tree (which is non reorderable from large to small, only alphabetical by default).


    I was happy to soon, the "Deleted Items (KB)" doesn't reflect the current status of the true items in the deleted items folder as it's showing incorrect value (probably with the value of items in retention after deletion). So I'm back to my initial status
    Any one got an idea how to solve this?
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    Re: In mailbox folder size

    It's a while since I used or tested this feature of Exchange 2003, but there is the Mailbox Manger as a part of the recipient policies.

    Might be the right one for your requirements.