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IMAP4 and exchange alias

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  • IMAP4 and exchange alias

    I had IMAP4 and Exchange server working fine until I decided that I wanted to change the sender's address when I was sending e-mails through Outlook 2003 connected to an Exchange server.

    I found that the only way (that I could figure out) how to change the sender's address was by changing the Exchange alias.

    However when I changed this alias I was unable to log in to the acct via IMAP4 anymore. I tried using DOMAIN/USERNAME/ALIAS and other various usernames but I was still unable to log in. The only way I got it to work was by changing the alias back to what the AD acct name was.

    Now is there anyway to change the sender's address in Exchange Server 2003 w/o changing the alias? or How do I get IMAP4 working again when the Exchange alias doesn't match the AD account name?

    Thanks in advance.

    nevermind i fixed it.

    Setting an address as primary allowed me to change the sender's address w/o changing the alias.
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