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Logical mailbox store size

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  • Logical mailbox store size

    We have reached the 70 something size database logical size so we changed our retention policy from 1 year to half of that and users deleted a lot of their old emails and archived whatever they couldn't just delete. Since then I'm not getting any reports as to the mailbox store size. The physical size is still what it was unsurprisingly but I was hoping that after canging the retention policy, getting a good backup and then restarting the information Store service I'll be able to find a log telling me what the current logical size is. Is there a way of somehow forcing this log to show up?

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    Re: Logical mailbox store size

    The size should be reported shortly after the information store service has been restarted, IF it is above the reporting threshold. Have you configured a threshold in the registry?

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      Re: Logical mailbox store size

      Got it. When you mentioned the word threshold it led me to
      Many thanks
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