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Exchange 2003 not adding a "received" line to emails.

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  • Exchange 2003 not adding a "received" line to emails.

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with a client's emails being rejected by a single provider (Bigpond) in Australia. Whenever my client's employees try to send an email to [email protected] or [email protected], the email is randomly rejected as spam. This only started happening in mid October and the mail server (SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003 SP2) has been sending to bigpond fine for the last 4 years. After much heartache dealing with Bigpond support, they told me the emails are being rejected for the following reasons.

    1) The email content is being flagged as suspicious by Bigpond's third party spam filter.

    2) The mail server is not adding a "received" line to the email when it sends emails. Bigpond referred me to RFC822 for this.

    Neither of these issues alone is enough to have my client's emails blocked, but together they are. Some extra information that may be pertinent.

    * Emails containing text only don't seem to be blocked. Emails containing my client's email stationery do get blocked randomly. The stationery just has some pictures (clients logo etc) and links to their website. They've been using the stationery for years.

    *Bigpond couldn't tell me what part of the emails were being flagged as suspicious and they said they couldn't do anything about it. They said the only thing I could do was fix up problem number 2, which is the mail server not adding a received line when it sends an email.

    Any help would be great.

    Edit: Just thought I should add the my clients aren't listed in any spam database at all that I can find, and they have no problems sending to any other domain.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 not adding a "received" line to emails.

    You are probably talking about this problem:

    Normally Exchange 2003 is adding received lines just fine and personally I don't now a built-in way to remove these header information in Exchange 2003, but I'm not a SBS guy, maybe it works there.

    Can you send a mail to any free mail provider and post the header information here (anonymized of course if needed)?


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      Re: Exchange 2003 not adding a "received" line to emails.

      Look at the evidence:

      1. Text messages don't get blocked.

      2. HTML messages get blocked but only randomly.

      If the issue was as BigPond stated then all of your emails would be blocked. They're giving you a line of bull.

      Exchange doesn't insert a Received line unless it receives, and relays, a message submitted to it via SMTP. Exchange clients (MAPI and RPC over HTTP) do not submit messages to Exchange via SMTP. They submit messages to the Information Store, where Exchange then processes the message, and sends it via SMTP. As such, no relaying is occurring and so no Received line is added.

      The RFC states that the Received line must be added by each relay that the message passes through. In this case, Exchange is not relaying the message, it is submitting the message, so no Received line is added.

      Emails sent by Exchange MAPI and RPC over HTTP clients should have a From line, but no Received line.