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  • Exchange MX Forwarding Question


    I am working on a client's system. They are using SBS2003 with Exchange running on it. They would like to have some of thier email users to have their mail forwarded to Gmail accounts.

    Basically, the sales staff want to access their company email via the Google Business Gmail instead of the conventional Exchange that the admin use since they are on the road all of the time. I originally wanted to set up OWA (Outlook Web Access), however for some reason it does not work.

    I want to set up the Exchange server to send emails for certain users to a different MX server.

    Does this make sence? If so, I would very much appreciate your help!



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    Re: Exchange MX Forwarding Question

    I am not familiar with SBS editions, but have you tried to go to the account properties (ADUC where Exch is installed) and click on the Exchange General tab, Delivery Options button, Forwarding to option?
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      Re: Exchange MX Forwarding Question

      Yeah my familiarity with SBS is very little too.

      I checked the Exchange General tab, and the forwarding option only allows you to send the mail to another user address on the same domain. Not an external address or external server.

      If I could get Outlook Web Access working, that would certainly solve my problem. The gmail thing would only be an alternative to OWA if I weren't to figure out how to make it work properly.


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        Re: Exchange MX Forwarding Question

        I would be focussed on OWA, not forwarding mail out of your domain where you lose contorl of them.

        What's wrong with Owa, what have you tried to fix it ?
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          Re: Exchange MX Forwarding Question

          No, I totally agree with you. OWA is the number one priority.

          Here is a little background:

          The box that I am dealing with is a SBS2003 running AD, IIS (for their company website), DNS, DHCP, File Services, and Exchange.

          This network was designed and implemented by a different IT firm than my own. I am still in the process of "feeling out" the situation and condition of the server and how they set it up.

          The issue that I am currently having is that OWA is not working whatsoever. When attempting to access the web portal (navigating to "" or "", etc.), I keep on getting "page cannot be displayed".

          I ran the "Connecting to the Internet" wizard for SBS, no luck.

          I checked the bindings of the "Default Web Site" and everything looks fine. (IP: All assigned, Port: 80, etc.)

          Here is where I ran into stuff that didn't make any sense to me:

          When going through "Default Web Site" in IIS, I find that the paths to the "Exchange" and "Exchange-OWA" portions have been changed to a path that doesn't look right. (They are both pointed to ".\BackOfficeStorage\\MBX")

          After looking a little deeper, I realize that the previous IT guys set main company website up in the "Default Web Site" in IIS. I'm afraid that they may have overwritten the OWA config that was there at the initial set up of this server when configuring the real company website that the client is using now. Could this have messed up OWA?

          In my experience, you never should mess with the Default Web Site in IIS when adding a custom site. You should always create a new website in IIS.

          Now, I very well could be mistaking, but I have a hunch that is where the problem lies.

          Is there anyway that I can restore the OWA config and functionality without having to set up Exchange and IIS again? Everything else on this server works fine. I really don't want to create two big problems (like messing up current functionality of Exchange and IIS) by fixing a small web access client.

          I appreciate your help.

          -- Drew


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            Re: Exchange MX Forwarding Question

            I'd guess then that the company's web site is running on port 80, which is stopping the SBS components on that port from running. First priority IMO is getting that website moved from the default website to a new website running on a different port, you can do this quite simply using the IIS toolkit which contains a migration tool.

            It is possible to forward from Exchange to external recipients BTW, but you need to create a contact in AD for the external email address. I'd stick to getting everything fixed though, apart from anything else you'll likely run into other issues with SBS down the line by not having the Default Website setup as SBS likes it.
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