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Please Help!!! Exchange issue

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  • Please Help!!! Exchange issue

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum, New to networking,

    Anyway here is my issue. Were i work at i have 2 servers setup will say server1 wich is 2003 and server 2 wich is exchange 2003
    ok my issue is with one of my client pcs. Recently on of the client pcs they got a rogue virus. Got the virus out.
    I can connect to server1 no problem.
    However they are using outlook 2003.
    Cant connect. So I rebooted no go.
    I removed the users account and tried to set them back up no go.
    I removed office then rebooted reinstalled office no go. when i enter the exchange name in it comes back saying "unable to reslove outlook needs to be connected." To check and see if it was a user issue with the exchange. I went to another pc in my network. Set up the email account no problem worked with out any problem. So i went back to the problem pc and pinged server2. Server2 normal ip adress is but when i pinged it it came back but it had a reply. What can i do to fix this issue? I am about ready to go insane trying to figure this out. So PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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    Re: Please Help!!! Exchange issue

    Wipe the affected machine and start over. You've verified that there's no problem with the user account, mailbox, or the Exchange server. You're going to start hitting a point of diminishing returns trying to get this previously infected machine working and it's going to be counter productive. Furthermore, can you really trust this machine now after it's been infected, no matter how affective you think the cleanup was?


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      Re: Please Help!!! Exchange issue

      Thank you for you post. I hate to reformat because the user is real picky but if i dont have a choice. i guess reformat is the only way to go.


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        Re: Please Help!!! Exchange issue

        Reformat is the best way of dealing with any aftermath of viruses anyway.....
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          Re: Please Help!!! Exchange issue

          What's its DNS server? Did you check what's Does the exchange server reply when pinged by its IP? Anything in the host file of that machine? After releasing and renewing IP does its network config look right?


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            Re: Please Help!!! Exchange issue

            Did you checked the Host file? Some virus write wrong info in there.