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How to update Exchange 2003?

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  • How to update Exchange 2003?

    I have Microsoft Exchange 2003 pre-SP installed on a Microsoft 2003 server. When I do Windows Update, it doesn't seem to automatically update Exchange as well. Is my understanding correct? It appears to me I have to find out myself what is available and manually download and install them. Am I right?

    If all updates have to be done manually, is there a list somewhere that would tell me all available updates?

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    Re: How to update Exchange 2003?

    Windows update should include any updates for all applications installed. Failing that download SP2 manually. Install it. And then patch to the latest windows hotfixes.


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      Re: How to update Exchange 2003?

      Windows Update is only Windows.
      To update Exchange you have to switch to Microsoft Update. There will be a link at the top of the page to change.

      However Microsoft Update does NOT download and install Exchange 2003 service packs (it also doesn't do Exchange 2007 and 2010 service packs). Therefore if you haven't got SP2 installed, download it, install it and the run Microsoft Update.

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