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    In my company we have server 2003 and exchange 2003, with domain one division will be separated and they bought their own server (sbs 200 with their own domain called abc.local. the abc users want to keep using their email address, they won't have access to the old exchange server, so i will have to use forwardes. I think I know how to forward incoming messages but i'm not sure about the outgoing. what will be the best way to so?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Mail Forwarding

    Create Contacts in the old system for the users in the new system with their new email addresses. Configure their mailboxes in the old system to forward email to the Contacts. Exchange will then forward any incoming email to the old email address to the Contact.

    What do you mean regarding the outgoing messages? There won't be any outgoing messages from the users on the old system once they're using the new system.


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      Re: Mail Forwarding

      Unless they want to continue to send email out as the domain they don't control.
      That will mean a shared address space scenario, which could get messy very quickly. When a company is split off it is best they get their own domain as quickly as possible, because otherwise they are at the mercy of the original parent company for email.

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