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Problems after migration

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  • Problems after migration

    Hello everybody ,

    I have a small problem concerning a migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 .

    When I m sending internal mail the format of the mail shows me an envelop (2) it is ok but when i'm sending a mail outside (1) the document are posted in a note format .

    How can I arrange that ?

    Thanks for your help
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    Re: Problems after migration

    For Info ,
    I found the solutions to my problem

    Here is the link in case someone encounter the same prob.

    and here is the link for the tool .

    See you .

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      Re: Problems after migration

      Ygal, congratulations on finding the solution to your problem!!
      Thank you also for posting the solution for everybody to share, we really do appreciate it. Hope to see you here often.

      Again, thanks for posting back.
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