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Some emails are hung in queue

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  • Some emails are hung in queue

    We've had Exchange 2003 for many years and may send out 1000 + emails each day. Lately I've had an issue with a handful of emails getting stuck in the queue. Sometimes it is when an email is sent to a group. For example an email went out to our board members yesterday. A couple members got the email fine, but the rest of them are stuck in the queue. This is for an important teleconference so it is critical these get sent out. There are no errors in the log. When I click on the email in the queue the additional queue info says "unable to open the message for delivery". We know these are the correct emails because we correspond with the board members on a regular basis and they normally get the email. I trace the email and can see where most of them have a "messae transferred to yet the messages are still stuck in the queue. If it was one I'd think that external server was down - but not 11 of them! There are no NDR events. In fact I discovered that this email to our board was sent out twice yesterday. The first time was at 3:45 and everyone received it... except there was one incorrect email address. So it was sent out a second time an hour later and most of those are now hung in the queue.

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    Re: Some emails are hung in queue

    That is usually caused by AV software or similar scanning something it shouldn't do. The AV software hangs on to the file in such a way that it remains in the queue. Therefore ensure that you have the correct exclusions set in any file level AV on the server.

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