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help on ex2k3 database size

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  • help on ex2k3 database size

    Hi there,

    My company is using exchange server 2003 standard edition in a windows 2k3 AD domain. Recently I used the Recipient Policy to delete mails older than 180 days. The result is very positive. From ESM, I can tell all the mailboxes are much smaller than before, and on the client side in Outlook 2003 all the mails older than 180 days are gone.

    Now the total size of all the mailboxes is only a few hundred megabytes. So I decided to shrink the current priv1.edb (36GB) with 'eseutil /d priv1.edb'.
    the defrag went well without any errors. but to my surprise, the final priv1.edb is not shrunk much. it is still around 34GB.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Re: help on ex2k3 database size

    Deleted item retention.
    When you remove email from the mailboxes, it is not removed from the database until the deleted item retention window has expired. So if your DIR is set to 14 days, the white space will be available after 15 days. Event ID 1221 will tell you how much free space is in the database, which is approximately how much you will get back from an offline defrag.

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      Re: help on ex2k3 database size

      Thank you,Simon. You are absolutely right. I was blinded by the words 'delete immediately".

      Thank you for taking your time on helping me out.