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  • Exchange2003 RE-JIGGING SETUP

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I'll give the layout......

    2 * Server 2003 Std both of which are DC's, one of these servers has EXCHANGE 2003 STD installed, we also have 1 Server 2003 std member server with EXCHANGE 2003 enterprise installed. Both are backend servers.

    I'm trying to get ride of Exchange 2003 STD + the domain controller for which it is installed on.

    So far I have moved Mail boxes Public folders/System Folders(free Busy...etc) re-homed the OfflineGAL Generator .etc.... from Exchange point of view everthing is ready for the uninstall.

    When Exchange has been uninstalled from the domain controller, I wish to then DCPROMO out this DC, leaving only one DC. I have moved the FSMO roles over and made the second DC a GLOBAL CATALOG

    Are there any other references in EXCHANGE 2003 which would point to this DCPROMO'ed server, am I right in saying when EXCHANGE requires active directory information us uses any avalialbe GLOBAL CATALOG.

    I'm doing this as aclean up, pre moving to a VMWARE VIRTULIZED 2008+Exch2010 setup, which will be my next juicy task.

    Wouldn't want this to go wrong as my head would be on the BLOCK........

    PS. this ink is what I used for exchnage uninstall/rehoming tasks

    Mark Jones

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    Re: Exchange2003 RE-JIGGING SETUP

    When Exchange is installed on a domain controller, it will only use that domain controller. It will not look for any other, and that includes other Exchange servers.

    Therefore after removing Exchange from that DC, remove the GC role, then immediately restart the Exchange services on the other server. That will force Exchange to look for another GC. You can then run DCPROMO on that original Exchange server to remove the DC functionality.

    DO NOT run DCPROMO while Exchange is installed.

    Simon Butler
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      Re: Exchange2003 RE-JIGGING SETUP

      Thankyou for you info.

      Mark Jones