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Relaying mail from our Web Server

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  • Relaying mail from our Web Server


    I have a Web Server Application that sends mail to all our internal addresses just fine, but it won't send mail to any address external to our company.

    The vendor of the web-application that runs on the web server said the problem was most likely relaying in MS Exchange, or lack thereof.

    The application only needs to send email. It doesn't receive any email.

    To paraphrase, he said I would need to set our web server to be accepted as a relay by our MS Exchange server. I asked him if he meant setting up an open relay and he said no. He said something along the lines of we can set Exchange to relay mail from our webserver but not from any other machines. He also said that he didn't know enough about Exchange to tell me how to set this up.

    The web server is running IIS. The exchange server is running Exchange 2003.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Relaying mail from our Web Server


    you need to allow relaying from the webserver on your Default SMTP Virtual Server (Administrative Groups / "Organisation Name" / Servers / "Servername" / Protocols / SMTP), or whatever Virtual SMTP server you use. It's under the Access tab.