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    Im taking care of exchange 2003 server. Everything works fine, backups are running everyday, but I was said, that log files are eating up disk space so I have to delete them from time to time. Ive backed the files up and deleted them. Recently I have read that recovery wont work without those files. Is there a way I can make a working backup without those log files? I have tried recovery on test server and it says, that database is inconsistent [I guess its missing some logs].

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Log Files

    By deleting the log files you are actually causing a problem with the backups, because you no longer have the correct set of logs.

    If you are doing an information store backup (not a brick level backup) then the logs should be flushed correctly.

    To get things back to where they should be you will have to repair the database, which will involve removing all of the logs that you have. Once the repair is complete, do a backup of the database.

    On the properties of the Exchange databases it will tell you when the last successful backup was. If that information isn't populated, or isn't known then you were not backing up the server correctly.

    The logs are key in recovery as they fill the gap between the last backup and the time of the server failure. That is why they are flushed after a successful Exchange aware backup.

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