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Error 554 554 5.7.1

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  • Error 554 554 5.7.1

    My Exchange server has suddenly begun to refuse relay to an alias address. This is one of the aliases that is listed in Recipient Policies. I also specifically allowed relay to it in the SMTP virtual server. This is an exchange server 2003 standard running on Windows 2003 standard server. The mail is filtered by a spam filtering service prior to its arrival at the exchange server.

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    Re: Error 554 554 5.7.1

    If it's an email address in your Recipient Policy, and if the Recipient Policy is configured so that Exchange is authoratative for the email address, then it's got nothing to do with relaying. Your Exchange server should except email destined for users with that email address (which should be internal users) and deliver the email to those recipients.

    Why don't you give us more detail on exactly what you have configured, what you're trying to do, and what happens when an email is sent to a recipient with the email address.