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exchange 2003 and postmaster

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  • exchange 2003 and postmaster

    is there a way to send a copy of all postmaster emails to a specific users mailbox?

    the only way i hear about the post master emails is if someone from the outside e-mails me or calls me to tell me they got a postmaster bounceback email.

    it would be nice to get those rather than hearing from the users.

    if not, no big deal.


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    Re: exchange 2003 and postmaster

    A lot of the NDRs that are sent back you can't capture, because they are generated at the point of delivery. Recipient validation messages are a classic example. If you want to receive those then you have to turn off the filter unknown option, but that then means you will generate back scatter, which could get you blacklisted.

    There is a setting on the SMTP virtual server to forward NDRs to an email address, but it will not get everything.

    Having a copy of NDRs go to another user is not something I usually recommend. It can have implications on the privacy for example.

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      Re: exchange 2003 and postmaster

      thank you for the reply.

      i will leave it as is. i dont want to do anything that isnt recommended or could possibly get my IP blacklisted.