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Migration scenario - Adding additional 2003 server problems

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  • Migration scenario - Adding additional 2003 server problems

    Hi there,

    Hope some of you exchange experts can shed a light on my problem cause im new to exchange 2003 and I'm stuck!

    Im migrating from Exchange 5.5 to 2003. We have one exchange organisation with two sites thats physically seperated across the atlantic with one Exchange 5.5 server in each site.

    I have successfully introduced the first exchange 2003 in the 5.5 org in one site and prior to the that i've setup the ADC connector and verified the agreements setup and replication flow between the 5.5 directory and our AD. Afterwards I've moved mailboxes and migrated public folders to the new 2003 with no problems.

    In Exchange System Manager on the new 2003 Exchange, the two sites displays as administrative groups "A" and "B" with their own servers and routing group containers and everything looks correct except that site/administrative group "B" is "greyed out". Group "A" hosts the first Exchange 2003 server I installed and is not greyed out.

    I can expand the containers and check properties for our 5.5 server in Group "B" etc. but all settings in all tabs are also "greyed out" and the settings in general are not visible. I know that I have to use the Exchange 5.5 Administrator prog to administer 5.5 servers so that probably why properties and tabs are "greyed out" in general. What I don't like is that Group "B" itself is greyed out when "A" is not.

    So you might have guessed now that my problem is when i try to install additional 2003 servers, I cannot assign it to Administrative Group "B". The installation wizard gives me the option to join the server to group A or B correctly but when i choose "B", setup states that "it is unable to bind to the directory on our 5.5 server" which reside in site B. If i choose site "A" instead, the installation wizard continues but im not interrested in that.

    Checks/tests I've done:

    I have checked and verified that the new "additional 2003 server" can communicate through LDAP to the 5.5 server in group B. LDAP runs on port 389 on the 5.5 servers as default. I can telnet the 5.5 server on port 389 from the win2003 server and thereby verify LDAP connection but i've noticed that "the other way around" from the 5.5 to win2003 LDAP is through port 379. This setup apparantly doesn't cause problems for the exchange servers in group/site A so that confuses be a bit.

    I have rechecked the ADC connection agreements config for the server in site B. (The ADC connector is installed on the 2003 exchange server in site A).

    I have installed ADC on the 2003 server which is meant to join site B and reassigned the connection agreements for the 5.5 server in site B to run from this 2003 server and verified replication flow. (Didn't work either)
    (ADC is now back and running on the server in site A).

    I have checked and double checked all levels of "service account admin" roles and rights on the domain and local level on all of our Exchange servers.

    Nothing helped -

    Administrative Group "B" is still "greyed out" and i cannot join additional servers to Group "B" because the installation wizard pops up with the "it is unable to bind to the directory on our 5.5 server" error.

    Do I have to complety uninstall/remove the 5.5 server in site B and remove site B in order to folow the consolidation pathway, or does it make sence to make a new site/group and then attempt to join the addition server in the new group after the 5.5 server and site B had been removed?

    Heelp I have this feeling that I'm missing something completely! lol.


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    Re: Migration scenario - Adding additional 2003 server problems

    Try to install a second ADC in Site B and then you will have option to add the second Exchange to it.
    Or you can try to create another connection argument with the exiting ADC to the second site (Mailbox + Public
    Also, check that the NT4 use SP6a and the Exchange 5.5 use SP4.
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    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Migration scenario - Adding additional 2003 server problems

      Late reply i know..

      but thank you for the suggestions yuval. I had earlier installed the 2'nd ADC wich i also mention in the first post.

      Reinstalling SP for the OS and Exchange on the NT did the trick! thank you very much. In fact in not sure it had the sp6a before because it was a 128bit encryption SP6 on the system.