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Exchange 2003 and RUS issue

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  • Exchange 2003 and RUS issue

    I have a problem with an Outlook client and performance against Exchange 2003 server.

    The error client side gets is:
    "Trying to contact Exchange server dc1..."

    The scenario is SITE 1 with exchserver1 and dc1 (main site) and SITE 2 with exchserver2 and dc2.
    Affected users are on SITE 2 with exchange server on the main site.

    As far as I know, the only service that a domain controller may provide to Outlook is global address book which synchronizes Active Directory and Exchange.
    What's more, affected users are on a different site than dc1 is located, so I thought

    I found the answer msexchange site (I'm not allowed to post the address).

    by creating a new RUS (Recipient Update Services) on Exchange System Manager.

    This is not possible as RUS rule would be: Users on exchserver1 (main site) check address book on dc2 (remote site), affecting main site.

    Please any light shed on this issue would be appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 and RUS issue

    As far as I understand your posting Exchange is installed on the DCs in both sites, right?

    If answered with yes then this is your problem and configuring or changing RUS will not help in any way.

    The Exchange server in site 1 will always use and promote the DC he is installed on.

    If it's only a problem of the Outlook clients contacting a DC you can try setting the registry key to contact the nearest GC.