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Rules script to forward all emails with correct From Address

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  • Rules script to forward all emails with correct From Address

    Exchange Server 2003 - Outlook 2007 - We have some odd email flow here for one particular person, which requires all of her emails that hit her exchange mailbox be forwarded to an outside email address which she is then able to check with her laptop. We have no access from outside our network to the internal exchange server, because our security guy is nuts, and says it is too big a risk.

    The issue is that the emails once forwarded hit her outside email mailbox as having her internal Exchange address as the sender of the emails so she can not reply to any of these emails from her laptop. This is causing me a huge amount of grief from her. There must be a way using scripting to have all emails that hit her mailbox be resent out to the external address with the original sender as the sender of the forwarded email. I hope you understand what I need to accomplish here and someone can help me.

    She also does not understand the concept of email size limits - she consistently sends/receives emails with attachments over 5 MB up to - and I'm not kidding here - we had one that had a 51 MB attachment! I would like this script to only forward emails which are under 5MB in size, and if possible send some kind of message - even the original with attachments stripped from it - to the outside address noting that the attachments were stripped on it in some way.

    Thanks - I know this is a lot to ask for, but I need to come up with something soon - for my sanity's sake.

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    Re: Rules script to forward all emails with correct From Address

    Consider a user upgrade?

    I really don't think Exchange 2003 will do the forwarding with address re-writing -- you might consider a service to intercept emails before they reach Exchange and send copies to both Exchange and the user. I believe Messagelabs offer something along those lines
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      Re: Rules script to forward all emails with correct From Address

      RPC over HTTPS would fix this.
      As used by Microsoft and all of their hosting providers. If you are allowing SMTP delivery to Exchange, then the risk is less than that.

      Unless you are in defence security and are a major target, exposing Exchange to the Internet isn't a problem. Your SMTP port is a bigger risk than HTTPS, as that is what spammers will attack.

      Even address rewriting wouldn't work, because you are then spoofing the email. If the original sender domain has spoofing protection measures enabled, then the email may well be blocked.

      The bottom line is that you need to change your way of working, rather than trying to fix the product.

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