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Problem after adding a new Exchange 2003 server

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  • Problem after adding a new Exchange 2003 server

    Thank You for the help guys...I am in serious trouble right now...did try to google / look thru the forums, but can't quite find the solution....

    I just installed another Exchange 2k3 Ent in a new server following the "Exchange Server Deployment Tools" and select "Install Exchange 2003 on additional servers". I went thru all the checklist items (pls note, I didn't do DomainPrep becoz it states "If there are no existing Exchange 2003 servers in the domain, run DomainPrep"...but since I already have an Exchange 2k3 server running, so I assume I don't need to run it, right??).

    Anyway, the setup went pretty well and I've applied SP2 successfully. I open Exchange System Manager and can see both servers under "servers", so thats all good. Now here comes the problem....

    1. I tried to move a testing mailbox to my newly installed server mailbox store, is all good!! However, the mailbox that is being moved to the new mailbox store can only send / receive internal emails. External emails cannot get thru nor emails can be sent externally (i.e. to gmail / yahoo). Is there anything that needs to be set??

    2. OWA seems to be not working for the mailbox that is moved to the new mailbox store, I know it is something related to a Front-End / Back-End server setup, but not quite sure how to do it...

    3. My ideal plan is to have both servers running and use the old server for SMPT / HTTPS relay and store all the mailboxes in the newly installed server, am I on the right track to this as of now? Not sure if I've screwed up anything during the installation.....

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Re: Problem after adding a new Exchange 2003 server

    Followup...I think the problem is the SMTP connector, anyone knows how to setup the SMTP connector for two exchange servers that is in the same domain & LAN...I want the new exchange server (the second one) to be able to send / receive emails via the old exchange server (the first one)....

    I tried a lot of different settings for adding a SMTP connector, but it still doesn't work...


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      Re: Problem after adding a new Exchange 2003 server

      Frontend / backend requires a third server.
      Therefore if you are only using two servers then both servers will have to be exposed to the Internet, with their own unique URLs and SSL certificates. Users will also have to know which server their mailbox is on, because redirection uses the internal server name, not the external.

      If you want to send all email out via one server then you just need an SMTP Connector with the server to send email marked as the bridgehead. As long as you haven't put the servers in to separate routing groups (not something that can be done by accident) then email will route that way.
      Do ensure that you do NOT have a smart host set on the SMTP virtual server and the authentication settings are the default. Nothing should be scanning SMTP traffic as well.

      You do NOT have to touch the relay settings.

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