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  • old message has arrive

    i have exchange 2000sp3 in my network,' one of my user has recived a message fron another user.
    when you open the message you can see that the message was sent a long time ago (few months earlier) from the sender at the first time.
    the second time my user get it from the same sender was a few days ago.
    in the message tracking center you can see the event time at 30/10/2005 SMTP: Started Message Submission to Advanced Queue
    SMTP: Message Submitted to Categorizer
    SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to Multiple Recipients
    SMTP: Store Driver: Message Delivered Locally to Store to [email protected]

    on the upper right of the screen you can see that the message was sent at 24/02/2005.
    if someone can help ?

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    Re: old message has arrive

    1. Please update the server to the latest hotfixs etc.
    2. Please use KB:

    3. Please update any antipsam/antivirus on the server (Norton ?!).
    4. Verity that each queue is empty on the local server it self.
    5. Please check when NDR is send to the clients.
    6. Please check the mail relay queue if you use it.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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