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Having problems recieving mail from AOL users

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  • Having problems recieving mail from AOL users

    Hi all,

    We are having problems receiving mail from a business contact that insists on using AOL. we are running exchange 2003, IMF is shut off. We also use a Sonicwall firewall that uses content filtering services. that is turned down to the lowest setting available. It has been a long time since I used AOL and never had to deal with anything but POP mail. Does anyone know if there are settings I need to be aware of to get this mail through to our mail-store? I remember AOL liked to do things their way.

    Thank you for any ideas you can help with

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    Re: Having problems recieving mail from AOL users

    Are they getting a bounce back? Any error messages? Do you see them coming in at all in the Tracking Center?


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      Re: Having problems receiving mail from AOL users

      AOL are picky about inbound email to their network, but for outbound email, they don't care. As long as the server is setup to receive emails from other sources correctly, then it should work fine.

      As already stated, without evidence, anything is just guess work.

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