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  • [email protected]

    Lately I have been getting the following error messages:

    servername has reported a Error. Reported status is:
    Queues - OK
    Drives - OK
    Services - OK
    Memory - Error
    CPU - OK

    How do I correct this? I applied the /3GB switch according to "Best Practices Analyzer Tool." The server has 2GB of ram and the store.exe is using about 1GB. Do I possibly have a memory leak that I keep seeing posts about?

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: [email protected]

    Please check the event log and the tool:

    To check the server starus.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: [email protected]

      I am already using the best practices tool. When I run this tool the report is clean. I have already applied the critical best practice (3GB switch) prior to this error. Everything thing else on the report is clean without warnings. Also, the eventlog itself is clean. No errors or warnings, suprisingly! Very strange. Any other ideas? I received about 19 messages since saturday early morning. What is strange is the is when the system is used least as far as users is concerned. System Maintenace is scheduled 1-5am, but the messages also occur outside this time.

      I also have symantec mail security and symantec corp running on this machine. That is all.

      Any clues?