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Amending default Exchange 2003 MDBData folder security

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  • Amending default Exchange 2003 MDBData folder security

    I am looking for advice as to whether the defualt security can be changed on the MDBdata exchange folder without issues.

    This is an Exchange 2003 Enterprise and Windows 2003 Standard server environment.

    Specifically. I want Domain Administrators to have full control and remove the default Administrators from the folder.

    The reason for this is that we have a requirement to allow the local administrators of this specific network to continue to manage the network except for certain secure areas.

    I have set up a second Private Mailbox store in a new SMTMDBdata folder. I want to ensure that administrators cannot access the databases in this folder and then mount these and view the data.

    We have already ensured that only one account is listed in the Domain Administrator group as a God account if you like.

    Any advice appreciated

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    Re: Amending default Exchange 2003 MDBData folder security

    Changing the permissions on the database isn't going to keep administrators out of the data. There are so many other ways to get access.

    Bottom line with Exchange permissions is simple - don't touch. Add, but don't remove. This isn't even something I would consider.

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