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Activesync 4.0 and Calender Sync

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  • Activesync 4.0 and Calender Sync

    Hi all,

    I have A HX2750 with WM5 one it, I installed Activesync 4.0 and once i
    finally got it to sync with the exchange server using a non-trusted
    certificate i set it up to sync with all 4 options, my contacts and
    email are fine (even fixed a weired bug I had with contact dates
    shifting 1 hour behind making the date wrong or atleast it appears to)
    Tasks also work fine, but my calender wont sync.

    If I look at the logs on the PDA when syncing with calender and
    exchange I get a HTTP 500 error, and when syncing locally I get a few
    errors but this is the one I see the most: 80070490 or 0x85010014

    I removed all enteries in my calender and tried syncing - same, I
    sync'd a Blackberry locally and it worked fine, and I sync'd a
    Smartphone running 2003 and again it works fine.

    Any ideas?