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Ex2000/SP3 Performance Options

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  • Ex2000/SP3 Performance Options

    Exchange 2000 SP3
    Server 2000 SP4

    In control panel, system, Performance Options

    1. Application reponse

    Optimize performance for:

    Background services?

    2. Virtual memory

    only 1 physical hard drive

    paging file is currently not on the boot (c: volume, it is on the DATA (d: volume.

    Being only 1 physical drive,
    - do you still setup a second small paging file on the c: with only 1 physical drive?
    - does it matter where the paging file is at with only 1 phyiscal drive?
    - should another "physical drive" be purchased just for this pagefile purpose?

    The main reason I ask, is i'm troubleshooting some PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA STOP 0x00000050 errors I'm getting and my Windows 2000 SP4 with Exchange 2000 SP3 is crashing. It's not the phsyical memory (i've run diag.) but i'm getting high spikes in my page/faults. I'm checking my exchange antivirus and NTFS drives next.