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Mailbox Management Process Doesn't Run For All Users

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  • Mailbox Management Process Doesn't Run For All Users

    We have the mailbox management process set to run every week to delete old mail from user's mailboxes. This has run perfectly for a long time, but recently the process is not running against all mailboxes. We have approximately 500+ mailboxes and the last 2 runs only processed approximately 250 mailboxes. This behavior also happens when I kick off the process manually.

    I don't see any errors in the Event Logs and the report states the process completed successfully. Any ideas where I can look or attributes I can check to see why it's only running against about half of the mailboxes.

    Is it just a matter of deleting and recreating the Recipient Policy?

    Windows Server 2003 SP2 running Exchange 2003 SP2.