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OWA hangs at "loading"......

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  • OWA hangs at "loading"......

    Does anybody have a definate answer to the loading problem of exchange 2003. I have tried all the possible solutions with no success.

    I dont know if SSL will solve the problem, but I will try it today.
    When I change the registry on OWA and set the key ForceClientsDownLevel to 1 then the emails are downloaded ok but the interface is for internet explorer prior to version 5.

    Is the problem with exchange or explorer 6?



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    Re: OWA hangs at "loading"......


    MS KB article 311342 states:

    This forces "downlevel" behavior in Internet Explorer 5.01 and later. Some proxy servers or firewalls strip out anything they do not understand, such as HTTP-DAV verbs that are used by newer browsers. Unexpected behavior can be exhibited by OWA if these verbs are stripped. One workaround is to use Secure Sockets layer (SSL); then the proxy or firewall cannot see these verbs. If this registry key is implemented, Internet Explorer 5.01 and later browsers will not exhibit the Internet Explorer 5 features.
    This is not a problem with the browser. You force OWA to use a simpler webinterface regardless of what browser the user connects with.

    Did you work around your problem by using SSL?




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      Re: OWA hangs at "loading"......

      I had this same problem when I had to rebuild my 2003 OWA server. I was running Windows Server 2003 (no SP) with Exchange SP1. Basic client worked fine however premium would constantly show loading and never load (GUI displayed incorrectly as well).

      After rebuilding the virtual directories, registering a couple different DLL's again, and trying many other things listed on different forums what worked was the installation a Microsoft Exchange patch that is completely unrelated to the problems I had (at least by their description). The patch is discussed in kb888619

      Hopefully this will resolve the problem for you, please note this is for Exchange SP1. After breaking our production OWA for a day and a half I haven't had the nerve to upgrade to SP2 yet or Server 2003 (what broke it in the first place). To answer a different question yes the lab upgrades worked perfectly...


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        Re: OWA hangs at "loading"......

        Try adding your OWA site to Trusting Sites in IE.