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Prob w/mailbox move to new forest

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  • Prob w/mailbox move to new forest


    My company is trying to migrate mailboxes from one exch 2003 server to another. Each server is in it's own AD root domain and forest and there is no trust between them. (each root domain/forest has a single exchange server.)

    The plan has been to migrate the mailboxes using exmerge. However, there is a problem with messages that were sent within the old server (i.e., both sender and recipient had accounts on the old mailserver). The messages do not have an smtp address associated with them--just the DN from the old AD. Consequently, replies to these messages are addressed to the DN, and when these replies are sent from the new server the DN's are unidentified in the new AD and they bounce.

    Is there any way to resolve this problem?

    We have not set up a trust between the servers for a several reasons--some political (old mailserver is hosted by a 3rd party) and some technical--we believed a trust would cause problems since both servers accept mail for the smtp domain.

    Short of establishing a trust, it seems we either need to be able export the mailboxes in such a way that the senders on all messages have smtp addresses, or we need some way to do this on the import.

    Thank you for any clues,

    P.S. I apologize for making my first post a question, and on my join date as well!

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    Re: Prob w/mailbox move to new forest

    Ah, so I see that I can create x.500 addresses on the new mailserver that correspond to mailboxes still on the old server (along with smtp addresses).

    The question is now how to add a x.500 address to a bunch of mail-enabled accounts. I could script it, but first I'm wonder if there's a way to do this with a recipient policy? Is there a way to put in a variable to create the x.500 address based on an account's exchange alias?


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      Re: Prob w/mailbox move to new forest

      Solved my problem, with the help of a buddy.

      We used ADModify to add a X500 proxy address to the relevant AD users.

      Amazing tool! I'm sure I'll be using it quite a bit in the future.