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@*.de mail dont get in

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  • @*.de mail dont get in

    hi all...
    i dont know what happend to my MX server

    all the mail from germany with the end of dont get it,
    i can send to that adress but can recive mail from it.

    plz... is there anyway i block it once somewere is my MX... ???

    someway to chk it ?


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    Re: @*.de mail dont get in

    Is this a standalone mail server or part of a front end/back end setup?
    Are you running any filtering software between mail server and Internet?
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      Re: @*.de mail dont get in

      my MX server is my DC as well , its SBS2000.

      im running on it McAfee antivirus with groupshild 6 , but also there couldnt find a role that can keep the mail from comming, done servel test to chk if i can send and recive mail from outside from many types of adress and all went ok, just that specific adress with .de in the end can come in...

      and another question on the way, i have in my excange dir a folder :

      D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\BadMail

      everyday it filled with tmp/bak mail files such us : 00000353418261020050000001E.BDR

      what is this folder for and how it decided what consider junk mail, maybe there is the porblem...

      could i somehow add a specific adress im talking about to "junkmail" ?

      i chk all the smtp virtual services properties in mail reciption, nothing there...

      plllzzz help !