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OWA 2000 Problem

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  • OWA 2000 Problem

    Hi All

    I have recently added a new exchange server to our network as the old one was getting a bit old and error ridden and have started to move mailboxes between the two and this works fine.
    OWA was setup on the old exchange server which is also a DC and ISA server with a direct connection to the net for ISA. This box is still in place and will continue to be a DC and ISA server after I have fully moved all the exchange users.
    The new Exchange server is on the internal network with IP

    Now the problem! OWA external access still works fine for users on the old exchange box but I am unable to get it to work for users on the new exchange box. I have tried following the instructions on this site by publishing the box in ISA but all I get is a page could not be found. If on the internal network, I am able to access OWA on the new box fine. Now, I am not sure how OWA is set up on the old box as I cant find any publishing rules in ISA for it (and I didnt do it!). The only thing I can find is a reverse DNS zone for the external NIC with a pointer to to
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    Re: OWA 2000 Problem

    You should use "Exchange Front/Back" or re-publish the new OWA on the new server after mailbox and public folder migrations.
    The old Exchange can redirect users correctlly to the new one
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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