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Unable to Send or Receive External Email

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  • Unable to Send or Receive External Email

    hello guyz.

    i am new here and i need your kind help.
    i am facing some problem with my exchange server 2003.
    i am not receiving emails from outside and also i cannot send an email outside .
    i am working in educational envoirment and we have need to communicate with outside companies but in this condition we cannot communicate outside.
    so pleses help me to solve this problem.
    in exchange server its showing me in Queses there is a lot of panding emails.
    i am facing this problem from 3 days.

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    Re: Exchange Server 2003

    Hi prince. Try telnetting your server on 25. In other word get the command line window and
    > telnet yourServerName 25
    > telnet yourServersExternalIPaddress 25
    That's for a start.


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      Re: Exchange Server 2003

      Check also logs is not full and hard drive is not out of space. That I was experienced a couple of weeks ago.
      if logos is full and hard drive out of space.. the DB will automatically dismounted itself.



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        Re: Exchange Server 2003

        In addition to the other comments made.

        Can internal users access their mailbox via OWA? Can internal users email each other? I would double check that you are not on any spam lists and that all Exchange realted services that should be started, are.

        Consult the windows logs as well as Exchange logs.

        The Exchange 2003 Best Practices analyser tool may shed some light. Verify that your domain isn't blacklisted either.


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          Re: Unable to Send or Receive External Email

          Question title updated to be more descriptive.

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