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Configuring Exchange to receive from certain IP addresses

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  • Configuring Exchange to receive from certain IP addresses

    Server 2003, Exchange 2003 SP1
    We use MessageLabs for out Virus and Spam filtering. They suggested to add certain IP addresses and IP subnets in my firewall to forward to my exchange server, therefore, my email is only received from them.
    I have set my firewall up to except email from certain external IP addresses.
    This isn’t anything big…but they also suggest to add these same addresses to the Accept list in the Global Accept List.
    By doing this, I may be limiting email getting sent via IP addresses on my LAN. I have 4 different subnets. Can I add my subnets in here as well…or just add my subnets?

    Also, is there a way to block Port 25 from being hit externally? Or do I need that for my mail to make it to my exchange server?

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    Re: Configuring Exchange to receive from certain IP addresses

    So long as your firewall is only forwarding port 25 to your exchange server from messagelabs then there is no real need to do the same on exchange. This will only stop any viruses on your network using the exchange server.

    To stop port 25 getting 'hammered' then ask message labs to use another port, change the rule on your firewall to this port to port 25 on your exchange server.
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