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  • GFI Mail Essentials (Exchange 2000)


    Hope I've posted in the right section - we have Exchange 2000 with GFI mail essentials 12 for spam filtering.

    GFI has been installed since the Summer of 2008 and had been working well, we use the Auto-whitelisting feature and I also manually add certain domains (such as the local authority) so all emails from them come straight through.

    Suddenly, as of yesterday, all the "manual entry" email addresses have disappeared from the Whitelist and emails which I know I've whitelisted are now getting blocked.

    Absolutely nothing has changed on the Server - no patches, updates or anything to any programs or the OS.

    I stopped and started all the GFI services, with no effect and this morning I rebooted the Server to see if that made a difference which it hasn't.

    I haven't tried uninstalling GFI yet, rather hoped I wouldn't have to do that.