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Pop3 problem

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  • Pop3 problem

    i installed Exchange 2003 with SP1 on Windows 2003 Server SP1 Domain controler and setup pop3, https and smtp protocols. Everything is working fine exept that i cannot receive emails using some accounts and pop3 protocol. everything was fine until i enabled form based authentication on OWA. Now all new users which i make cant receive mails using outlook pop3 account. They get the mail in inbox and can read it using OWA but pop3 cant seem to download it. They dont get any error messages just it apperes that they dont have any new emails. Also they can send emails using pop3.
    Please help
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    Re: Pop3 problem

    Please install service pack 2 on the Exchange server + all Win 2003 hotfixs reboot any try again.
    If it doesnt help - disable the use of POP3 in the user account properties and enable it again.
    In case of repeat problem please enable logging:

    Also, note - If you use single server verity that it isnt setup as "Front Server":


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Pop3 problem

      I will try what you sugested and reply as soon as i try that. Thank you.


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        Re: Pop3 problem

        I figure it out. it is not exchange problem but an outlook problem. I used another machine and it did work fine. maybe it is becouse i use ssl. so now the question is what is wrong with outlook 2003.