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Missing mailbox for exchange user

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  • Missing mailbox for exchange user


    long time reader, first time poster. I have a customer who run an exchange 2003 server. All is fine except for one user, was set up as a new user through AD in the standard wizards. created the user, created a mailbox and all seemed fine.

    An issue arose when his secretary needed to get access into his mailbox, so dutifully went through and set all the permissions, and we added his mailbox to her exchange settings. When she tries to access into it, no error messages appear but it just says "no email to display".

    I thought it was a bit odd so i went into exchange system manager and went through to:

    Servers > (servername) > First Storage Group > Mailbox Store > Mailboxes

    I found his mailbox but was surprised to see his mailbox size waas 2kb and items was 2!

    Now, he has about 100 items in the outlook on his pc, but is there any way to work out where he is accessing?

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    Re: Missing mailbox for exchange user

    As a guess, he has outlook configured to deliver email to a PST -- have a look in the outlook profile on his machine and check this, redirect delivery to his exchange mailbox and then move everything in the PST to the mailbox
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      Re: Missing mailbox for exchange user

      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      when i checked his how his account was set up in outlook, it does point to the exchange user.

      I may be checking wrong (i.e. through tools > email accounts > view or change > select account and click properties. It has the exchange server in the box with his username.


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        Re: Missing mailbox for exchange user

        You need to look for the delivery location. This will be on the Account Properties pane. Exactly location depends on the version of Exchange.

        It will either say Mailbox or Personal Folders.

        Otherwise I have to agree that it sounds like delivery to PST files is enabled, or the user is collecting email via POP3 and the email is being removed that way.

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          Re: Missing mailbox for exchange user


          cheers everybody, it was outlook saying to go to the pst rather than exchange mailbox! I never knew this was possible, it seems a bit counter-productive if you have exchange.

          thanks to the guys who pointed me in the right direction.