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    As I am attempting to work my way through Event ID 9667 for the quota of 8192kb's being reached for three of my Outlook 2007 users (the other 60 users are OWA only) I am curious if each event 9667 that shows up in the event viewer is a "timed warning when a user does something" or does it throw an error just when an incoming message occurs?

    Meaning that some messages are not being delivered becase of the quote limit being reached?

    Thanks everyone!!


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    Re: Named Properties

    Hi there RC,

    Event 9667 is just being courteous in letting you know which user triggered the error message. The 8192kb limit is a per database limit.

    It's possible that your user may be performing an action in Outlook where a new entry is required in the PropID table. Because no new entries can be made, that action would fail. The action could be in sending a message, or even in moving a message from one folder to another.

    As a workaround, there is a registry edit that you can do to increase this limit. The article below is for Ex2007 but applies to Ex2003:

    More reading here:

    Take care too - there is a warning that you should not consider increasing the limit to anywehre the absolute limit of 32,767.

    Consider creating a new mailstore if possible and moving your users there.

    Interested to know how your database got to this limit - is it a database that's been in use for perhaps a number of years? Or have you installed a new messaging application? Perhaps a MAPI one like Blackberry Enterprise Server?

    Good luck