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Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.01 and Exchange 2003 problem

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  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.01 and Exchange 2003 problem

    hello every1

    i have a problem with enabling mailboxes for archiving in symantec enterprise vault 9.01 and exchange 2003. When running the "enable mailbox wizard" no new mailboxes are showing up.
    the only mailbox i was ever able to enable for archiving was the domain admin's mailbox.

    the vault service account has full permissions on the exchange server as described here.

    all permissions are inherited by the mailboxes and the vault service account is local admin on both the exchange and vault server.

    i also checked these steps and except for step 4 they are all ok.

    when checking the database table, there is only one entry. the one for the domain admin's mailbox.

    i've run the exchange provisioning task manually and in reporting mode.
    this is the outcome:

    Managed Folder Summary:

    Managed Folders: 0
    Managed Folders added\Updated: 0
    Managed Folders deleted: 0

    Provisioning Group Summary:

    Express Provisioning Group:
    Mailboxes added: 0
    Mailboxes updated: 1
    Mailboxes relinked: 0
    Mailboxes ignored because already processed: 0
    Provisioning targets that returned no mailboxes: 0
    Users without a mailbox: 0
    New mailboxes ignored because of existing entries in the Enterprise Vault database: 0
    Journal mailboxes found: 0
    Users with mailboxes outside the current domain: 0
    Users whose mailboxes were not synchronized: 0
    Errors: 5
    the exchange provisioning task shows "N/A" under the column "exchange server". i've deleted and recreated this task, but it stays the same. not sure if this is relevant.

    also, when expanding targets down to the exchange server, i only see "public folders" and "journal mailbox".
    shouldn't there be something like "mailbox store" as well?

    but then again, why is the domain admin's mailbox enabled but no user's mailbox. it resides in the same mailbox store.

    i'd appreciate any help i can get.

    thx a lot

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    Re: Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.01 and Exchange 2003 problem

    We haven't yet upgraded to EV9, planned for the next couple of weeks. However if you have Symantec support (which I assume you do as you've got the latest version) I would log a call with them. IME EV is far too complex a program and far too easy to break if you don't know what you are doing to be looking for solutions in an internet forum. The Symantec forums are an exception to this, there should be some Symantec employees monitoring them.
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      Re: Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.01 and Exchange 2003 problem


      i ended up reinstalling enterprise vault and this time it actually did show useful information in the enterprise vault event logs.
      these led to the solution of adding the vault service account to the pre-windows2000 group. that group had only the exchange server group as a member.

      so, it must have been an issue with reading the appropiate attributes from active directory. which still seems a bit strange to me as the group "authenticated users" already had the "read all attribute" permissions on the user objects and the vault service account had been granted full access to the exchange server through exchange system manager.

      anyways, it works now :P
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