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x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

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  • x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

    Hi Folks,

    I have x2 sites with x1 domain. Each site has an external link and for OMA I used to be able to specify either external IP pointing to each 2k3 mail server for mailboxes that resided on either server and it would work.

    I have since tried to implement FBA and SSL following the articles on this site where creating a new virtual server for OMA on each mail server that would not use SSL/FBA. Also I created certs for each IIS / Exch server.

    This seems to have broken the functionality of specifying either external IP for mail on iPhones for example. It seems I have to specify the correct external IP relating to the server where the mailboxes reside.

    Why is this and can I get around it? Its very useful to have x2 external links to get to either mail server.

    If I have missed any vital info then please let me know.

    Hoping you can help.

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    Re: x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

    Think I have figured it out.

    The instructions on the site mention creating a new virtual directory (ExchDAV) and restricting access to only that server IP address. I needed to add each server IP address and not just the one!

    Testing it now...



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      Re: x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

      Well that looks to have worked.

      The only problem I have left now, is that I cant pick up OMA mail on a device using the external IP address specified on internal WiFi?

      If anyone has any ideas I'm happy to try them. Meanwhile I will put the thinking cap back on.

      Using internal WiFi specifying external IP in the server entry worked previously.


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        Re: x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

        Arre you actually using OMA (Low Bandwidth Browser) or is it Exchange ActiveSync (Direct Push Email) as they are NOT the same thing.

        You'll probably need to specify the external name as an internal IP address in your internal DNS servers, so that the certificate names match internally on WiFi and externally on 3G.
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          Re: x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

          Well I'm almost there. You are correct Cruachan in guessing that I am using ActiveSync rather than OMA but the article I followed covered both.

          You were also right with regard to adding in the name of the external server to my DNS, however...

          The external domain name is different to the internal so I had to create a new DNS zone for this. I then configured x2 a records for the external server name pointing to the x2 internal server IP's (round robin DNS?).

          My remaining question is regarding SSL certificates for the x2 mail servers. If I can get my external ISP to provide the same round robin DNS load balancing, how do I get around being prompted for certificates each time it points to a different server? I assume that this is what will happen?

          Thanks for the help so far.


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            Re: x2 servers x2 links OMA SSL

            Hmm stuck again...

            I bought a wildcard domain SSL cert which seemed to work brilliantly but.

            If on an external PC I type hxxps:// I get through to mailboxes fine on the exchange server / site / IP that is pointing at but for mailboxes on my other physical site / server I get an error saying the page cannot be found?

            This is really frustrating as I'm almost there, any thoughts folks?