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Move email domain from vendor to our server

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  • Move email domain from vendor to our server

    Dear All,

    Kindly need your help, how to move email address from vendor server to our server?
    Formerly we use the services from vendor to host our exchange servers.
    Let say the email address is [email protected], [email protected] under AD domain ENTERPRISE.COM which belong to the vendor.

    Today we already have our own domain (COMPANY.COM) in our own Server and want to move all user ([email protected], [email protected]) to our server.
    what is the most common way to perform this migration? is there any tools to move their mailbox and the email address? I have read about ADMT (active directory migration tools) is this the right tool to move account and mailbox between domain?

    I'm also thinking maybe we have to save to pst for each client connected to vendor server, then delete the account and mailbox from vendor server. After that we continue to setup new email address in our server, and return the saved PST back to mailbox in server? I have not doing this before, any input will be much appreciated...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Move email domain from vendor to our server

    make sure your exchange server is setup correctly to receive email for the domain.

    then you need to export all the current mail from the current environment and import into the new environmenty
    then cut over the mx records etc.

    ADMT is not what you want for this scenario.
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