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Domain relay by SMTP connector

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  • Domain relay by SMTP connector

    Hello there!

    I have a problem, and I am wondering how to solve it:

    We have 2 compagny's which have 2 different domains and Exchange servers. The people from compagny B are working on our terminal servers. And we have a IP-VPN connection in between.

    I made AD accounts for the people from B compagny and also added a recipient policy, and mailboxes for the people from compagny B in our domain, This way they can send out order-response message with their own extention. Otherwise their customers would respond to the wrong mail-adress.

    This generates a problem:

    External mail from WAN to is delivered ok, because the A-record is pointing to their external IP address. But internal mail towards gets delivered at the mailboxes I created for them in our own domain to fake the extention.

    And I want to deliver all mail for to their own Exchange server and not mine.... Can I solve this with a SMTP connetor?

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    Re: Domain relay by SMTP connector

    basically all I am asking, is how to route the mail to their domain using a SMTP connector, instead of Exchange resolving it locally?

    Can anyone help me?


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      Re: Domain relay by SMTP connector

      By adding the domain to recipient policy, you told Exchange that it was responsible for email for that domain, and Exchange presumes that is responsible for all email for a domain.

      If you want to send email to another server then you are sharing the SMTP address space. This KB article explains how to get Exchange to do that.

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        Re: Domain relay by SMTP connector

        I'm reading it now Sembee. Hopefully it will help me out. Thanks in advance and I will post back here, when I succeeded in rerouting the emails.

        BTW: I didnt add that domain to the default recipient policy. I made a new recipient policy, where where I unclicked: "The exchange organization is responsible for all mail delivery to this address". And then added the OU where the users are currently in.

        I can understand Exchange trying to find a match in it's AD. But that's not what I want
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