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Exchange 2000 Disaster Recovery

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  • Exchange 2000 Disaster Recovery

    We have an Exchange 2000 server connected to a SAN. I am trying to come up with a DR solution. This is what I have come up with:

    Install another server with Windows 2000 and when the Exchange server goes down reset the computer account in AD and rename the new server to the old server and join the domain. Install Exchange 2000 on the new server with the disasterrecovery switch. Connect the SAN to the new Exchange 2000 server.

    My question is will doing the above steps will allow the new Exchange server to use the existing database on the SAN?


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    Re: Exchange 2000 Disaster Recovery

    If you will save the orginal server name and then install the Exchange with the same drive letters etc. it should be ok.
    The only problem that I think about it - do you know how to connect the LUN with the Exchange database to the new server and have the correct hardware for it (HBA etc.)?
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