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OWA 2000 and VMware ESXi problems

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  • OWA 2000 and VMware ESXi problems

    I have a problem. I am trying to move my Exchange 2000 over to a VMWare ESXi host, and it mostly is working. We will be upgrading to Exchange 2010 in April, but this server is out of warranty soon, and I wanted to move Exchange off ASAP.

    However, OWA is not fully working (it displays the top header, and left column, but no messages using IE, and in Chrom and Firefox, it displays the messages. In Firefox and Chrome, you can open a message, but when you go to reply or forward, it says “page cannot be displayed”. This is the same result locally on the server, with various mailboxes. OWA still works fine for those mailboxes still on the original, physical server.

    I have even created another, new VM with Windows 2000 SP4 and Exchange 2000 SP3 (with all Windows updates). I am getting the exact same situation with OWA.

    Another problem that has arisen is that I cannot seem to replicate my Public Folders and forms to the Vmware Exchange servers either.

    I realize that this is an old installation, not supported anymore, and we will be upgrading to Exchange 2000 in a few months; however any insight or help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: OWA 2000 and VMware ESXi problems

    How are you cloning the server???

    I would be inclined to cold clone it to stop transactions happening to the exchange server


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      Re: OWA 2000 and VMware ESXi problems

      To not sure if you got this resolved or not, but is the ESX firewall opened? I mean it should be and all.

      Just thought I would mention it.