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    Hi all,
    could some one help on this problem please?
    my problem is I have a windows account in active directory,I had apply liveres policy to this I had create a new account for the same user and I want to upload his email accout to his new account.
    can some one please show me how to do it?

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    Re: Email account

    dude, this doesn't make sense, please repost


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      Re: Email account

      you have an Active directory account with an email addres (I assume exchange)

      now you have created a new account for the same user, and want to connect the mailbox to the new user account, riht?
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        Re: Email account

        So you removed "john doe" from AD and now recreated "john doe" and you want the same email address for the new as the old?


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          Re: Email account

          yes exactlly.
          the user had left our company and return back


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            Re: Email account

            Was his mailbox deleted when his AD account was deleted or are you just wanting to use the same email address that they used to have?

            Do you still have the users old emails (archived) or is it in an OST file on their laptop?
            Was his new User Account the same as his old one?
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