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OWA hangs at "loading"......

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  • OWA hangs at "loading"......

    Hello all,

    We have a problem where staff at one of our offices are unable to use OWA via our Front-End Server, but the other two offices are fine?

    Each office has its own AD domain and Exchange2003 (up-to-date with patches etc) postoffice, and we all access OWA securely via a FES (which is behind ISA server) at our HQ.

    The remote office with the problem are able to go locally to http:\\postofficename\exchange (for testing) and its fine? Its only when they go https://FESServerName/Exchange that it hangs with the "loading" message.

    For testing purposes, I have created an AD acount in the remote office (but with mailbox at HQ), and that can work via the FES - presumably confirming that AD authentication isnt the issue?

    I have also tried going directly through the FES (but staying within our LAN) to confirm its not an ISA issue, but that still fails. We even built a new test FES without certificates to see if this was an issue...........

    I've checked other forums, and followed all recommendations about clearing caches, resetting IIS passwords, ensuring FES is patched equal/higher than postoffices etc etc but to no avail!

    Oh yes, it was working fine until "recently", and the local admin confirms nothing Exchange or AD-related has been changed except Windows Updates?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?



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    Re: OWA hangs at "loading"......

    Do you use on the mail servers?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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